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Microfiber for dusting – Manteca Home Cleaner Tips

One of the products we love is microfiber. When we go into homes to dust and clean we prefer to use this over anything else out on the market. When dusting, sometimes all you do is push the dust into the air. It floats around until it settles back on what you just dusted, or on something else – namely the floor.
how microfiber works

Microfibers have been slowly catching on. They come in small squares, large towels, or my favorite, the mitten. This allows you to grab and dust shaped furniture much more easily than a square rag can. If you wet it, it turns into its own cleaner for many different items without having to use heavy cleaners and chemicals. This inexpensive glove can be purchased for under ten dollars, and the ROI is fast. You will save many rolls of paper towels, cleaners, and polishers just by using a microfiber towel.

What Is Microfiber?

Microfiber is made from polyester, but what allows it to be a more effective cleaner is because there is much more surface area for dirt, dust, and grime to get picked up by. Cotton fibers are 40 times bigger than the polyester microfiber, and when they are being
microfiber thicknessmanufactured they are split more to create even more surface area. This surface area allows the fibers to catch and hold on to much more dust than anything else on the market. Since it is made from polyester, it will  develop a negative electromagnetic charge which causes dust to be  much more attracted to it than a cotton rag or mop.

Cleaning Microfiber

What makes microfiber great is that it does not retain the bacteria in liquids like a sponge, or a cotton rag would. There is much less of a chance of bacteria growing on your microfiber mitten.   Eventually, you will want to wash your cleaning tools, and this one is very simple – just throw it in the washing machine and wash it like any of you normal clothing. Do not use fabric softener when you launder microfiber. The softener acts like a wax, and will clog up the micro spaces where dirt and dust are picked up. Microfiber should last for at least 200 washes, and in many cases up to 500.

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